DDoS protected DNS service – Why is it important?

DDoS protected DNS service is a great solution if you are wondering how to defend your website from DDoS attacks. The statistics show that the number of such types of cyber-attacks has increased, and they are frequently used. Of course, nobody wants to be a target and get overwhelmed with traffic. However, if you run an online business, you should for sure consider protection against DDoS attacks. Every hour your business is shut down will lead to losses for you. Furthermore, the cost of fixing the side effects on your website is also one factor to think about. So, let’s explain a little bit more about DDoS protected DNS service and why it is a great choice. 

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What is DDoS protected DNS service?

DDoS protected DNS service offers a robust network that includes a large number of servers that are strategically located all over the world. The great benefit of these servers is their ability to balance the amount of traffic. As in addition, they are aware in case an attack appears. Therefore, when unusual spikes in traffic are identified, the servers in the network are going to be ready and spread the load. In case the attacker succeeds and brings one of the servers down, you won’t have to be concerned. There are more that will still work, and your business won’t be affected or suffer downtime.

It is an additional way to protect your business, so DDoS protection is not usually included in basic DNS plans. However, most of the providers mainly offer features such as:

  • Modern software. The great and efficient DDoS protection has to be ready to prevent and additionally to be able to respond in case of an event: notifications (alarms), firewalls, real-time bot detection, traffic filtering, and more.
  • 24/7 monitoring. DDoS attacks generate a number of traceable signs. Some of them are unusual requests patterns, suspect traffic associated with an IP address or comparable IPs, strange traffic loads, spikes, unusual traffic in particular pages of your website, and so on.
  • Load balancing. The more widespread a network is, the easier it is to balance significant traffic between servers and ensure the up-time is guaranteed for your business. It is vital to know that the best way to secure your online business is through prevention.


There are some key advantages that come with implementing DDoS protected DNS. Here are some of them: 

  • Resist botnet attacks In case you established a great and big loading balance, the attacker won’t be able to disturb your network. You will be capable of handling the traffic and resist the attack.
  • Better speed – The network of DNS servers that are positioned in different geographical locations comes with the benefit of great speed. They are going to deliver DNS records way faster to every client worldwide.
  • Cost-effective – The costs for using DDoS protected DNS service are relatively cheap. For a few more dollars per month, it will keep your site up. Even in case your website is under attack, and it will still continue to function thanks to that extra security that you have.

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