How to detect a Man-in-the-middle attack?

What is a Man-in-the-middle attack?

Man-in-the-Middle (or MITM) attack redirects user connection and private data from a trusted participant to an illegitimate third-party source. The most common targets of such attacks are:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Bank websites
  • SaaS companies

The attacker aims to redirect a user from a genuine website to a fraudulent website. They build it in such a way as to convince the victim to enter personal or login information. In recent years, the attackers evolved in creating convincing fake websites and quite well match the original website. That means users with more experience are also falling into the trap of MITM attacks. For instance, the victim thinks it is logging into their bank account or buying a product. But actually, the user is giving sensitive data to the criminal. Therefore, being watchful and careful is absolutely necessary.

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