VPS: 5 reasons to use it

VPS hosting appears as an attractive opportunity for growing businesses. This is because it does not contain so many limitations, for example like shared hosting. Yet, it gives a fair amount of resources to archive outstanding performance without the need to purchase a dedicated hosting service. Therefore, medium-sized businesses and also big organizations, such as online stores, guarantee the advantages VPS hosting provides. So, let’s explain a little bit more about VPS and why it is worth consideration!

What is VPS?

Virtual Private Server, or just VPS for short, is a popular type of hosting in which one server hosts multiple different websites but individually. That means all of the websites share the same hardware (server), yet they won’t share resources, such as bandwidth, RAM, etc. Instead, each of them has its own dedicated virtual resources, including processor, storage.

Imagine the server is separated into several rooms (virtual machines/virtual servers). Each room is private and ensures that it is going to operate with its private resources. In addition, the resources won’t be affected by others through special software.

If you decide to use VPS hosting, you are going to rent one of those rooms. Or in other words, you receive a private virtual machine on a physical server to host your company’s website for a particular amount of time. Typically, it is for a year, and you will pay a monthly fee.

Why should you choose it?

Better performance

If you choose to rent a virtual personal server, you are going to receive a lot more rather than a standard shared hosting plan. This is because you get assigned resources that are only for your personal use. That means your functionality won’t be affected by neighboring sites in any case.


Adjusting a virtual machine instead of a physical one is much easier. In case you want more resources, you can simply click and update. Quickly you are ready! Of course, there are limits, but overall, you are able, to begin with, small and, if needed, later to upgrade. For instance, if you have a dedicated server, such a process is going to be a little bit more complicated, and it could result in downtime. 


You get complete control above the OS. You are able to install and uninstall whatever you need. For example, you can add new functionality or upgrade the security. That is an excellent advantage of the VPS for sure.


Shared hosting is cheaper, yet VPS is a lot more affordable compared to a dedicated server or purchasing and maintaining a personal server. In addition, there are multiple different options of plans with the features you may need at different prices.

Security on the next level

You are able to keep your server protected because you have full control over your OS. For example, you can install a reliable firewall to manage the traffic smartly. Another option is to establish extra log-in criteria to block IP addresses or allow only those that are white-listed.

With VPS, you could maintain your backups with your preferred software and set the frequency.

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